2024 Ford F-650 & F-750 Decatur Denton Springtown TX For Sale

2024 Ford F-650 and F-750 Decatur Denton Springtown TX for sale


2024 Ford F-650 and F-750 Decatur Denton Springtown TX for sale are duty trucks that can take on the most difficult of challenges with ease on the job site. They are built with the power you need and possesses the right engines capable of accommodating any form of challenges thrown at it. Indeed, it is no exaggeration when we say the 2024 F-650 and F-750 are called the ultimate trucks. Drivers who are familiar with the comfortability of a regular pickup chassis will feel at home in this Super Duty vehicle as seating is highly supportive, with enough leg room to suit drivers of all heights and sizes. When it comes to comfort, this commercial heavy-duty vehicle means business.

2024 Ford F-650 and F-750 Decatur Denton Springtown TX for sale interior


The 2024 Ford F-650 and F-750 Decatur Denton Springtown TX for sale aren’t just designed to work hard, they are built for comfort for all kinds of jobs. Just like every other release this year, the super duty truck comes with top-notch comfortability and technological features for maximum convenience behind the wheel. It has a 30/0/30 fixed vinyl driver and passenger seat with consolette, black vinyl floor covering, driver and front passenger armrests, and full cloth headliner. They come with a black steering wheel with integrated cruise control switches, wheel controls, and audio controls all designed to give you seamless control behind the wheel. Additionally offered is a passenger’s visor vanity mirror, partial floor console and two 12V DC power outlets, front map lights, delay off interior lighting tracker system, and four body builder switches inbuilt in the center instrument panel incorporated with connector access located in engine compartment. These trucks are built to make those long days seem easy. They also feature manual regen initiation (driver interface in message center), an instrument panel bin, and dashboard storage, manual first row windows, analog display, and an intelligent oil life monitor to keep your oil life in check. Ergonomically mounted is the instrument cluster and panel center stack designed for maximum driver convenience. This new design includes a climate control module, a three-button message center, added storage, a new traction control switch, and a hazard switch. In addition, we have an engine hour meter with the regular odometer and a dual USB port. Entertainment isn’t left out, as there is an available Radio AM/FM stereo with two speakers, USB input, clock display, and Bluetooth connectivity.

2024 Ford F-650 and F-750 Decatur Denton Springtown TX for sale exterior


When it comes to appearance, one word comes to mind: gigantic. The 2024 Ford F-650 and F-750 Decatur Denton Springtown TX for sale are huge, much larger than regular super duty trucks. They come with factory installed sidestep to get you into the cab. Open the doors and you get another stair that deploys from the inside to allow you swift access into the vehicle. When you shut the door, the additional stair retracts back into the vehicle. These are also integrated into the passenger’s side. In front, there are huge halogen headlamps, a full width black bumper, 2 row hooks, splash guards, and an amazing black grille design. There are wheel seals, light tinted glass, speed sensitive variable intermittent wipers, composite/galvanized steel panels, black door handles, black side windows trim and black front windshield trim. Comes with a hood grille mount on the hood, and a fully automatic aero-composite halogen headlamp with delay-off to give you amazing clearing during the darkest nights. Also featured are dual rectangular Velvac XL2020 Integral Spot Mirrors, with sail type 96″ width, manual fold, and solid black finish. The headlights include side marker lights with reflectors, roof marker/clearance lights (amber), five taillights (two with integral stop, turn, backup and license plate bracket), and wheel seals ScotSeal® (front and rear).

2024 Ford F-650 and F-750 Decatur Denton Springtown TX for sale performance

F-650 Performance

This truck is fitted with either the standard 7.3L V8 gas-fed engine that delivers over 340 horsepower and 468-lbs. of torque or the 6.7L power stroke V8 turbo diesel engine that kicks off over 320 horsepower and a whopping 750-lbs. of torque. Both engines are paired with the Torqshift HD 6-speed automatic double overdrive transmission on all models. Meticulously built to give your truck a performance edge, it comes with a massive 19.5-inch wheels which allows it to achieve an impressive GVWR of 22,000 lbs. It is also offered with bolder styling and still maintains the design language of the Super Duty family. Buyers can now experience their toughest jobs being tackled with ease as this super duty features a 15,090 lbs. maximum payload capacity and can tow up to 34,500 lbs. Its technological features are top-notch as it comes equipped with the Ford Co-pilot360 to help you feel confident and in control. It comes standard with other driver-assist amenities such as hill start assist, pre-collision assist, lane keeping alert, automatic emergency braking, auto high-beam headlights and much more. All these amenities were built to help you stay alert on the road ahead.

F-750 Performance

The choice is yours to choose between any of the available potent engines. You can choose between the 6.7L power stroke V8 turbo diesel engine or the 7.3L, a V8 gas powered engine. Both are designed to supply your workhorse with enormous raw power. The presence of the TorqShift® HD 6-speed automatic transmission and the available live-drive power takeoff (PTO) make a lot of difference by enhancing its driving experience. It is one of the toughest trucks around the world right now with enough flexibility and dynamism to pull any job through or meet your business needs with ease. When configured, this beast wields the power to tow up to 50,000 pounds. Some of its configurations and corresponding weight carrying capabilities include GVWRs of 26,000 – 33,000 lbs. (gas) and 26,000 – 37,000 lbs. (diesel) and GCWRs of 37,000 lbs. (Gas) and 50,000 lbs. (diesel). Due to its low ground-to-top frame height, the 2024 Ford F-750 is well fitted for jobs like ambulance work, delivery vans, and even dump trucks. Be ready to experience the redefinition of truck as you steer the wheels of this legend on the work site. It comes standard with a high-strength, heat-treated alloy steel frame, long front leaf springs, a double-acting front shock absorber, and the available front stabilizer bar that helps deliver a comfortable and smooth ride while maintaining capability. There are standard air brakes that help you with traction control and bring your vehicle to a smooth and confident halt.
2024 Ford F-650 and F-750 Decatur Denton Springtown TX for sale trims


The 2024 Ford F-650 comes in five different trim levels: SD Gas Pro Loader, SD Diesel Pro Loader, SD Gas Straight frame, SD Diesel Straight Frame and SD Diesel Tractor. The F-750 comes in all of these except the SD Gas Pro Loader. Look below to see which model best suits your needs!

SD Gas Pro Loader (F-650) – This is the base model, and it comes standard with the 7.3liter 2v Devct NA FPI V8 gas-fed engine that has the largest displacement in its class and features an overhead valve architecture which generates power low in the rev range that helps move heavier loads faster and easier. Radio AM/FM Stereo with 2 speakers are standard, including a USB input, clock display and Bluetooth connectivity.

It has a front-end tilting fiberglass hood and fenders assembly, black/grey grille, front black painted bumper, full-width tow hooks, body builder wiring at back of cab.

SD Diesel Pro Loader (F-650 and F-750) – This model comes standard with the 6.7-liter power stroke V8 turbo diesel that kicks out 270 horsepower and 700 lbs. of torque and a 19.5″ x 7.5″ Steel Disc, 10-hole piloted, powder-coated white wheel. There’s an extra heavy duty 12 volt-amp alternator, engine exhaust brake, oil maintenance minder, and a transmission power takeoff (PTO) provision with live-drive capability.

SD Gas Straight Frame (F-650 and F-750) – This model comes standard with 7.3liter 2V Devct NA FPI V8 gas-fed engine that punches out over 330 horsepower and 468-lbs. of torque. It features Ford Torqshift HD 6-speed automatic transmission. The Torqshift feature offers live-drive power takeoff (PTO) provision with stationary and mobile modes. This trim also features the CNG/propane gaseous engine prep package, built to compress natural gas or propane autogas which is an effective way to reduce gas emissions. Also featured are dual rectangular velvac XL2020 mirrors, an integral spot mirror, headlights with side marker lights reflectors, and 2 taillights featured with integral stops.

SD Diesel Straight Frame (F-650 and F-750) – The SD Diesel Straight Frame is available with the 6.7-liter power stroke V8 turbo diesel that summons 330 horsepower and over 700-lbs. of torque. It features the Operator-Commander Regeneration (OCR) that enables the exhaust temperature raise to a level where it burns the soot to cause an adequate ignition. There’re a front-end tilting fiberglass hood and fender assembly doors, a black/grey grille, black painted full-width bumper, tow hooks, and a front body builder wiring at the back of the cab.

SD Diesel Tractor (F-650 and F-750) – This trim is offered with the 6.7-liter power stroke V8 turbo diesel that conjure 300 horsepower and 725 Lb.- feet of torque. It comes with the Ford Torqshift HD 6-speed automatic transmission-double override and the Operator-Commander Regeneration (OCR) technology. It also comes with fixed rear windows, intermittent windshield wiper control, and all round solar-tint laminated windshield glass.