Classic Ford Bronco

History of the Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco is a classic vehicle that Fort Worth drivers have come to know and love for years. However, few drivers actually know the history behind the classic Ford Bronco. Luckily, Karl Klement Ford tracks the beginnings of the early Ford Bronco to now, so you can see how this iconic vehicle became the legend that it is today. Learn about the Ford Bronco history with Karl Klement Ford, and visit our dealership to find your very own Ford Bronco model.

Ford Bronco Generations

The classic Ford Bronco looked pretty different when it was first released on the Springtown roads in 1965. To see how the early Ford Bronco went from passenger-friendly vehicle to the ruggedly durable SUV that it is today, take a look at the Ford Bronco transformation over the years.

Ford Bronco 1st Generation


  • When it was first released, the early Ford Bronco was intended to be a passenger-friendly off-road vehicle with a totally unique chassis that would separate itself from others in its class.
  • The original Ford Bronco was a 105-hp inline-6, which was derived from the Ford Falcon engine.
  • Sold as a simple and non-flashy vehicle that could take on the tougher terrains.

Ford Bronco 2nd Generation


In 1978, the old Ford Bronco entered its second generation as a full-size SUV. Although this model retained many styling notes from the first generation, there were more than a few notable changes, including:

  • The newer Ford Bronco generation replaced the original chassis with one developed from the Ford F-Series.
  • The newer generation model was downsized from the previous design.
  • This model was offered only as a three-door wagon.

Ford Bronco 3rd Generation


  • This model was smaller and lighter than the previous generation model.
  • The 3rd-generation model continued to be based on the Ford F-Series chassis.

Ford Bronco II: 1983-1990

Only three years after the 3rd-generation model was released, Ford released the Ford Bronco II, which was sold as a compact SUV that was more similar to the original Ford Bronco model than the 3rd-generation model. It was developed alongside the 1983 Ford Ranger and shared the Ford Ranger engine but was eventually replaced by the Ford Explorer.

Ford Bronco 4th Generation


  • This model used the same chassis as the previous generation but had many interior and exterior updates.
  • Offered the Silver Anniversary Edition, which was the first early Ford Bronco model to offer leather seating.

Ford Bronco 5th Generation


  • This model had some interior updates and safety feature additions.
  • The 5th-generation model discontinued the removable hard-top cover.

Ford Bronco 6th Generation


  • This model was revived as a mid-size SUV with body-on-frame construction, independent suspension, and a 2.3L turbocharged EcoBoost® I-4 engine.
  • The 6th-generation model features a detachable roof.
  • You can remove the side doors for better travels on the Boyd roads.
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